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Crawl Only

Discover hidden and visible attack vector of web applications for enhanced security insights.

With the Crawl Only scan, our crawler will discover hidden and visible URLs and user inputs within your web application. By analyzing user inputs and uncovering hidden resources, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your application's structure, empowering you to optimize security measures and address potential vulnerabilities proactively.

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Discovery Attack Vector

Combine With Security Scans

With our Continuous Scan or Full Scan, you can take your security assessment a step further by initiating a comprehensive security scan for all inputs discovered during the Crawl Only phase.

Leveraging the data obtained from the AI-powered crawler, both Continuous Scan and Full Scan perform thorough security evaluations for each identified user input.

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How To Use


Register to our platform in a few seconds.

Verify Ownership

Verify that you have authority to crawl target.

Start Crawler

Select your web app start scan.

Other Type of Scans

Full Scan

This manual process checks for all known security weaknesses. With just a few click you ca check up-to-date overview of your applications security status.

Continuous Scan

Continuous security scans provide real-time monitoring and automated alerts for detected vulnerabilities on your assets. By utilizing this feature, you can proactively address potential threats without the need to manually initiate scans for newly discovered vulnerabilities or changes.

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