Security for everyone

Letter From Founder of S4E


Security for Everyone


Dear Members,

S4E is not a conventional cybersecurity company. We want to make cybersecurity manageable, understandable, and affordable for everyone.

In 2020, when we started this journey, we had nothing but our beliefs and ambition. Today, our cybersecurity and monitoring tools have been used hundreds of thousands of times.

During our journey, we have focused on three main things in S4E: simplicity, automation, and continuity. We have developed an AI-powered threat intel, asset monitoring, and vulnerability scanning engine in two years to achieve this.

This year, in 2022, we are planning to add amazing features such as;

  • scan calendar: to view your scheduled scans in an easy way
  • attack surface visualization: to explore every attack vector for your apps
  • easy support: to get direct support from our cybersecurity expert
  • intelligent alarms: to have a more manageable alarm mechanism


To ensure sustainable growth, we announce a paid professional package. Together as a team, we have created our services as follows:

  • $79 per month when paid monthly
  • $55 per month when paid yearly


It is one of the most cost-effective pricing on the market to express our commitment to Security for Everyone.

We are always more than happy to hear about your feedback. Just send a message here.

Thank you all for joining our journey.

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