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74CMS weixin.php SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner

This scanner detects a critical SQL Injection vulnerability in 74CMS's weixin.php, highlighting the need for proper input sanitization and security measures to prevent exploitation.


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74CMS weixin.php SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview:

Vulnerability: SQL Injection in 74CMS weixin.php
Detection Method: 74CMS weixin.php SQL Injection Vulnerability Scanner
Severity: High
Impact: Exploiting this vulnerability allows attackers to perform unauthorized SQL operations, potentially leading to data exfiltration, database manipulation, or complete system compromise. The vulnerability stems from improper sanitization of XML input, which can be exploited to inject malicious SQL queries.

Vulnerability Details:

The vulnerability in 74CMS's weixin.php arises from the application's failure to properly use the libxml_disable_entity_loader function, which is intended to prevent XML External Entity (XXE) Injection. Without proper customization by the user, this function does not filter input, creating an opportunity for SQL injection. Attackers can exploit this by crafting malicious XML content, leading to unauthorized SQL query execution.

The Importance of Addressing This Vulnerability:

Given its high severity, addressing the SQL Injection vulnerability in 74CMS's weixin.php is critical for maintaining the security and integrity of your web applications. Failing to mitigate this issue could result in unauthorized access to sensitive data, database corruption, or even complete system takeover.

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