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Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in Adlisting Classified Ads affects v. 2.14.0.


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Adlisting Classified Ads is a web application developed by TemplateCookie, designed for creating and managing online classified advertisements. It enables users and businesses to post ads for various categories such as goods, services, jobs, and real estate. This software is commonly used by online marketplaces and community websites to facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of items among users. Version 2.14.0 of Adlisting Classified Ads has been found to contain an information disclosure vulnerability, exposing sensitive data through its web pages. The platform is popular among small to medium-sized enterprises looking for a cost-effective solution to reach a broader audience.

The information disclosure vulnerability in Adlisting Classified Ads version 2.14.0 involves the exposure of sensitive data, such as API keys, server keys, and app IDs, in the body of redirect responses. This issue arises when accessing any page on the website, potentially leaking critical configuration details to unauthorized users. The exposure of such sensitive information could lead to further exploitation by attackers, including unauthorized access to associated services and data breaches. This high-severity vulnerability underscores the importance of securing web applications against unintended data exposure.

This vulnerability manifests through improper handling of redirect responses within the Adlisting Classified Ads application. When a user accesses any page, the web server's response includes sensitive information embedded within the HTML content. This includes keys and IDs that should not be publicly accessible, as they can provide attackers with unauthorized access to backend services, APIs, and administrative interfaces. The exposure is a direct consequence of inadequate security measures in the application's design and implementation. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker simply needs to visit specific URLs and observe the page's source code to extract the sensitive data.

The exploitation of this information disclosure vulnerability can have severe implications. Attackers can use the exposed keys and IDs to gain unauthorized access to the application's backend systems, third-party services, and APIs. This could lead to data breaches, compromising user data, and internal information. Furthermore, attackers might leverage this access to modify or delete data, disrupt service operations, or deploy malicious software. The breach of confidentiality and potential financial and reputational damages to the affected organizations are significant risks associated with this vulnerability.

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