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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Advantech R-SeeNet affects v. 2.4.12 (20.10.2020).


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Advantech R-SeeNet is a web application that is designed for monitoring and managing industrial devices. It is widely used in various industrial sectors to ensure the proper functioning of devices. The application provides an intuitive interface that enables users to visualize device data, configure settings, and receive alerts in real-time. With its comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, Advantech R-SeeNet has become a popular choice for businesses seeking high-quality industrial device management solutions.

However, recently, a critical vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-21803 has been discovered in Advantech R-SeeNet. The vulnerability resides in device_graph_page.php, a script used within the web application. The flaw allows hackers to execute arbitrary JavaScript code remotely by exploiting a specially crafted URL. Once the victim clicks on the URL, the attacker can gain access to sensitive data and administrative privileges, potentially leading to data breaches or system compromise.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can have severe consequences. Attackers can gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, steal proprietary information, and wreak havoc on the organization's IT infrastructure. Furthermore, attackers can determine the scope and extent of the vulnerability and use it to target other areas of the system, potentially causing widespread damage.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is crucial in the age of the internet and digital technology. Malware attacks and data breaches are becoming increasingly common, and organizations must take necessary steps to ensure the safety of their assets. With the help of, businesses and individuals can leverage pro features to quickly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their digital assets. With an emphasis on user convenience, this platform offers a hassle-free approach to testing for vulnerabilities and ensuring that your digital infrastructure is safe and secure.



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