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CVE-2020-26214 Scanner

Detects 'Improper Authentication' vulnerability in alerta affects v. < 8.1.0.


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Alerta is an open-source software application that is used to monitor and alert IT operations whenever an issue arises. The application is designed to be integrated with various monitoring tools and provides a consistent view of alerts, making it easy for teams to respond promptly. Alerta provides advanced features like de-duplication, grouping, and correlation of alerts, allowing teams to focus on real issues requiring attention. In addition to being used for IT operations, Alerta is used by business operations teams to monitor customer-facing systems and prevent outages.

CVE-2020-26214 is a vulnerability detected in Alerta before version 8.1.0. This vulnerability allows users to bypass LDAP authentication if they provide an empty password when Alerta server is configured to use LDAP as the authorization provider. This makes deployments where LDAP servers are configured to allow unauthenticated authentication mechanisms for anonymous authorization vulnerable to exploitation. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to sensitive systems and data.

The CVE-2020-26214 vulnerability, when exploited, can lead to a breach of data, loss of systems and applications, and financial losses. An attacker can gain unauthorized access to systems and data, making it possible to spread malware or steal sensitive information. The vulnerability can also allow hackers to take control of IT operations, creating a situation that can result in significant financial losses.

With the pro features of the platform, it becomes easy and quick to learn about vulnerabilities in digital assets. It provides a comprehensive view of all vulnerabilities, their severity, and recommendations on how to mitigate them. With the platform, businesses can stay ahead of hackers and prevent significant losses due to successful attacks. By using this platform, businesses can rest assured that their digital assets are secure from attacks that exploit vulnerabilities like the CVE-2020-26214 alerta vulnerability.



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