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CVE-2021-44139 Scanner

Detects 'Server-side request forgery (SSRF)' vulnerability in Alibaba Sentinel affects v. 1.8.2


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CVE-2021-44139 Scanner Detail

Alibaba Sentinel is a cloud-native traffic management solution that provides flow control, circuit breaking, and adaptive system protection to ensure reliability and availability of microservices. It is primarily used by developers and system administrators to safeguard applications against failures and excessive traffic. Sentinel is instrumental in implementing dynamic scaling and system protection rules in distributed systems, making it a critical component for applications running in cloud environments or requiring high availability.

The vulnerability stems from insufficient validation of the ip parameter in the /registry/machine endpoint. Attackers can craft malicious URLs that, when processed by the server, result in external or internal requests that were not intended by the application logic. This could lead to information disclosure, unauthorized access to internal APIs, or even enabling the attacker to interact with internal services that are not exposed to the Internet.

Exploitation of this SSRF vulnerability can lead to significant security breaches, including access to sensitive data, internal network scanning, and potentially compromising internal systems. This vulnerability exposes internal services and data to attackers, posing a critical risk to the confidentiality and integrity of the system.

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