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CVE-2021-24970 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in All-In-One Video Gallery plugin for WordPress affects v. before 2.5.0.


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CVE-2021-24970 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

The vulnerability arises from the plugin's failure to adequately sanitize and validate user inputs before including files. This oversight allows for the inclusion of arbitrary files stored on the server, potentially leading to sensitive information disclosure.

Vulnerability Details

Specifically, the issue is found within the admin dashboard of the All-in-One Video Gallery plugin. The 'tab' parameter is mishandled, enabling attackers with administrative access to exploit the vulnerability by navigating to a crafted URL that includes sensitive system files.

Possible Effects

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to:

  • Unauthorized access to sensitive files on the server.
  • Disclosure of sensitive information such as credentials, system configuration details, and more.
  • Potentially leveraging the disclosed information for further attacks against the system or network.

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