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Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in Apache Airflow affects v. before 2.1.3.


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Apache Airflow is a popular open-source platform designed for scheduling, monitoring, and managing complex workflows or batch jobs. It is widely used in data engineering and data science communities to automate the process of running batch jobs, managing workflows and dependencies, and monitoring job performance. With its powerful ecosystem, Airflow provides a flexible and scalable solution for large enterprises and small businesses alike.

Recently, a critical vulnerability CVE-2021-38540 was detected in versions of Airflow between 2.0.0 and 2.1.3. The vulnerability is related to the variable import endpoint, which was not protected by authentication. This loophole allowed unauthenticated users to hit the endpoint to add or modify Airflow variables used in DAGs. As a result, it could potentially lead to a slew of security threats, such as a denial of service attack, information leakage, and even remote code execution.

When exploited by an attacker, this vulnerability could have catastrophic consequences. For example, allowing unauthorized access to sensitive data, compromising the functionality of the workflow system, or even delivering malware or ransomware payloads. Therefore, it is crucial to take immediate measures to mitigate the risk by adding proper authentication to the variable import endpoint. has made it easy to keep on top of your digital assets' vulnerabilities. With its pro features, it is easy and quick to learn about vulnerabilities in your digital assets. Not only that, but the platform provides additional features such as scanning for vulnerabilities and providing timely alerts to potential threats. Thanks to platforms such as, it is possible to stay a step ahead of potential vulnerabilities and protect your digital assets effectively.



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