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Apache Flink Unauthenticated RCE Vulnerability Scanner

Apache Flink allows unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability.


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Apache Flink Unauthenticated RCE Vulnerability Scanner Detail

Affected Software Overview:

Product: Apache Flink
Impact: Apache Flink contains a critical unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code on the target system without requiring authentication. This vulnerability poses a significant risk, as it could lead to full system compromise.

Vulnerability Details:

The Apache Flink vulnerability allows for unauthenticated remote code execution, providing attackers with the capability to deploy and execute malicious code through the /jars/upload endpoint without any form of authentication. This flaw is particularly dangerous due to its network attack vector, low complexity, and lack of required user interaction, culminating in a CVSS score of 10, indicating the highest level of severity.

Severity: Critical
CVSS Score: 10
Remediation: Users of Apache Flink should urgently review and apply security patches or updates provided by Apache, and ensure that access to the Flink dashboard and API endpoints is securely restricted.

The Importance of Addressing This Vulnerability:

Addressing this vulnerability in Apache Flink is critical to prevent attackers from gaining unauthorized remote execution capabilities on affected systems. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers could potentially access sensitive information, modify data, or disrupt services, leading to significant security, privacy, and operational risks.

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