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CVE-2023-27524 Scanner

Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in Apache Superset affects v. through 2.0.1.


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CVE-2023-27524 Scanner Detail

Apache Superset is an open-source data analytics platform that allows users to create interactive visualizations and dashboards by connecting to various data sources, including databases, CSV files, and cloud-based storage. It is used by businesses and organizations to gain insights from their data and make informed decisions. The platform has gained popularity in recent years due to its user-friendly interface, flexible architecture, and extensive set of built-in features.

CVE-2023-27524 is a critical vulnerability that has been detected in Apache Superset versions up to and including 2.0.1. The vulnerability is related to session validation attacks, which can allow attackers to authenticate and access unauthorized resources. The vulnerability can be exploited by attackers who have not altered the default configured SECRET_KEY according to installation instructions. Superset administrators who have changed the default value for SECRET_KEY config are not affected by this vulnerability.

If this vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to a range of malicious activities, including stealing sensitive data, modifying data, and disrupting normal system operations. Attackers can use the vulnerability to gain access to critical resources and take control of the entire system. This can have a significant impact on businesses and organizations that rely on Apache Superset for their data analytics needs.

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