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Apigee Login Panel Detector

This scanner is designed to identify the presence of the Apigee Login Panel, part of Google Cloud's Apigee API management platform. Detecting unauthorized or exposed Apigee panels helps safeguard API infrastructures by ensuring that access is restricted to authorized personnel only.


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Vulnerability Details

This scanner performs a GET request to common Apigee panel paths to detect its presence. A successful detection indicates the panel is active and potentially exposed, necessitating further security measures.

Possible Effects

An exposed Apigee Panel without proper access control can lead to:

  • Unauthorized access to API management settings.
  • Potential data exposure or breaches through API misconfiguration.
  • Disruption of API services, affecting availability and integrity.

Why Choose SecurityForEveryone

SecurityForEveryone offers a comprehensive platform that empowers users with:

  • A suite of advanced scanners to identify a variety of security vulnerabilities, including exposed management panels like Apigee.
  • Continuous monitoring capabilities to detect and notify about new risks promptly.
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