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Let's say you have a mobile application. People can carry out their business on your platform through your mobile application. However, when a person who has your mobile application installed on their phone visits your website, you want to direct them to your application. In such cases, mobile devices search for a file on your site and transfer the operations to your application when they find the relevant file. To do this on devices using the IoS operating system, the file you need to have on your site is "apple-app-site-association (AASA)"

The `apple-app-site-association (AASA)` file is integral to the functioning of Universal Links in iOS and is used to associate your website with your app. It's essentially a file that lives in the root directory of your website and allows you to set up user redirection to your app. When a user taps a universal link, the system checks whether the corresponding app is installed. If it is, the app is launched immediately; if it's not, the user is redirected to the website. Setting up the `apple-app-site-association` file correctly is crucial as it informs iOS of the app's capabilities and the specific types of web links it can handle.

Why is the apple-app-site-association file important?

The `apple-app-site-association` file is important because it enables seamless integration between your app and website on iOS devices. Without this file, Universal Links would not be able to function properly, and users may experience broken links or redirects that do not work as intended. Additionally, having a correctly configured `apple-app-site-association` file is important for ensuring a smooth user experience and improving the overall functionality of your app.

How do I set up the apple-app-site-association file?

To create and configure an `apple-app-site-association` file, follow these steps:

  1. Create a JSON file named `apple-app-site-association` in the root directory of your website
  2. Add the necessary information to the file, including your app's bundle identifier and associated domains
  3. Make sure the file is properly formatted and saved as UTF-8
  4. Upload the file to your website's root directory
  5. Test the file by opening a universal link on an iOS device – if everything is set up correctly, it should open the app immediately

It's important to note that the `apple-app-site-association` file must be hosted on a secure server (HTTPS) in order for it to work properly. Additionally, any changes made to the file will need to be re-uploaded and tested in order for them to take effect.

Overall, setting up the `apple-app-site-association` file requires attention to detail and thorough testing, but the benefits of seamless integration between your app and website on iOS devices make it a crucial step in optimizing the user experience.

Types of Links Supported by Universal Links

Universal Links support all types of web links, including HTTP and HTTPS URLs, as well as custom URL schemes. This means that not only can you direct users to your website, but you can also open the app directly from external sources such as emails or social media posts.

Additionally, Universal Links are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This allows for a consistent user experience regardless of the device being used, making it more convenient for users who may switch between different devices.


In summary, Universal Links provide a seamless way to integrate your app with your website on iOS devices. By setting up the `apple-app-site-association` file and using proper link formatting, you can create a more intuitive and fluid experience for users. Make sure to thoroughly test and update the file whenever necessary to ensure optimal functionality. So go ahead and give it a try – enhance your user experience with Universal Links today! So, if you want to improve the user experience and increase engagement with your app, consider implementing Universal Links. With proper setup and testing, it can greatly benefit your app and website integration on iOS devices. Keep in mind that staying up-to-date with changes in technology is crucial for success in the digital world.


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