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CVE-2021-27670 Scanner

Detects 'Server-Side Request Forgery' vulnerability in Appspace affects v. 6.2.4.


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Appspace is a widely used platform for digital signage and space management, providing solutions for workplace experience applications such as room booking, digital signage, and corporate communications. It is designed for organizations looking to manage their physical and digital workspaces effectively. The platform facilitates the integration of digital content and space management tools into a single, easy-to-use interface, enhancing workplace efficiency and communication. Appspace's adoption spans various industries, including corporate offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, making it an essential tool for modern workspace management.

The SSRF vulnerability is present in the api/v1/core/proxy/jsonprequest endpoint of Appspace 6.2.4, where the application fails to properly sanitize the url parameter. This oversight allows attackers to send crafted requests that can cause the application to fetch data from or interact with arbitrary URLs specified by the attacker. Such behavior can be exploited to access internal network resources, bypass firewall protections, and conduct port scanning activities, posing a significant risk to the security posture of the affected organization.

Exploiting this SSRF vulnerability could lead to severe consequences, including unauthorized access to internal network services, sensitive data exposure, and potentially facilitating remote code execution. The ability to send requests to internal resources can compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the organization's data and network infrastructure, leading to data breaches, service disruptions, and a loss of trust among users and clients.

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