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Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in Aptana Jaxer affects v.


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Aptana Jaxer is a versatile server-side JavaScript environment designed to streamline the development of web applications by providing an integrated set of tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is used for building desktop and mobile web applications, server scripts, and web services. The platform was created to simplify web development, by supporting the complete cycle of web application development. Its latest version, Aptana Jaxer, however, is not free from vulnerability.

The CVE-2019-14312 vulnerability, for instance, is a local file inclusion vulnerability that was recently detected in the Wikilite source code viewer of Aptana Jaxer This vulnerability enables remote attackers to gain access to server internal files through a tools/sourceViewer/index.html?filename=../ URI.

This vulnerability is a major security risk as it facilitates unauthorized access to internal files on the server, including executables and sensitive configuration files containing credentials and other sensitive information. As such, it can lead to severe security breaches that can result in data loss, system downtime or even financial losses, especially for businesses.

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