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CVE-2022-1903 Scanner

Detects 'Unauthenticated Admin Account Takeover' vulnerability in ARMember affects v. < 3.4.8


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ARMember is a WordPress plugin designed for creating membership sites with various access control capabilities. It allows site administrators to manage user memberships, restrict content, and customize user roles with ease. The plugin is widely used by businesses and individuals to create subscription-based services, online courses, and exclusive content areas. Its comprehensive features include membership plans, payment gateways integration, and content dripping, making it a popular choice for website owners looking to monetize their content or create a community.

This security flaw is specifically found in the AJAX action arm_shortcode_form_ajax_action where the plugin fails to implement proper security checks before processing password change requests. Attackers can exploit this by sending a crafted POST request to the admin-ajax.php file, including parameters to change the password of the 'admin' or any other user. The absence of nonce verification and user authentication in this process makes it possible for any remote attacker to gain control over accounts, thereby posing a significant risk to the website's integrity and user data.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to complete site takeover, unauthorized access to private and restricted information, manipulation of site content, and the potential for further attacks against site users. The ability for attackers to gain admin privileges opens up a wide range of malicious activities, including the distribution of malware, phishing campaigns, and data breaches. This vulnerability thus represents a critical security risk that needs immediate attention.

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