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Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in JFrog Artifactory affects v. 6.7.3.


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JFrog Artifactory is a popular tool used for managing software packages, releases, and binaries. It acts as a central hub for housing all software artifacts in one single place. Developers use Artifactory to store, manage and share software components within an organization. Artifactory is a crucial tool for organizations that rely on DevOps practices and rely heavily on automation and continuous delivery.

In early 2019, a vulnerability in the Artifactory tool, labeled CVE-2019-9733, was discovered by security researchers. This vulnerability allowed unauthenticated users to bypass the whitelist of allowed IP addresses and gain access to the default access-admin account to reset passwords. The issue with the vulnerability was that anyone could log in to the system easily and could use the system’s API to authenticate tokens for all users, including the admin accounts, making it easy for attackers to gain control of repositories and artifacts.

The exploitation of the vulnerability allows an attacker to gain control of the Artifactory system and all the software packages that it stores. It enables an attacker to access confidential data stored in the tool, including customer data, login credentials, and other sensitive information that could lead to severe consequences.

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