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Detects 'Path Traversal' vulnerability in AVEVA InTouch Access Anywhere affects v. 2020 R2 and older.


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AVEVA InTouch Access Anywhere is a software that enables remote access to industrial processes and machines for monitoring, control, and maintenance purposes. It is widely used in the industrial automation sector to facilitate secure and efficient communication between operators and devices. This software provides a web-based user interface that allows authorized users to access critical data and make necessary adjustments in real time.

CVE-2022-23854 is a vulnerability detected in AVEVA InTouch Access Anywhere versions 2020 R2 and older. This path traversal exploit could potentially allow an unauthorized person with network access to read files on the system outside of the secure gateway web server. This vulnerability is a serious threat because it enables attackers to gain access to sensitive information and perform malicious actions without having to authenticate themselves.

When exploited, this vulnerability can expose system files, configurations, and other sensitive data that can be used to launch further attacks on the network. Attackers can also steal confidential information, such as login credentials, intellectual property, and trade secrets. In addition, they could potentially modify or manipulate processes and machines, leading to production downtime, equipment damage, or even endangering human safety.

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