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Detects 'Unrestricted File Upload' vulnerability in Aviatrix Controller affects v. 6.x before 6.5-1804.1922.


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Aviatrix Controller is a cloud network management platform that simplifies complex networking tasks on public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. With this platform, network administrators can easily manage and monitor their cloud infrastructure from a single console. The product is designed to provide users with secure and reliable cloud connectivity.

However, a vulnerability was discovered in Aviatrix Controller 6.x versions before 6.5-1804.1922. Identified as CVE-2021-40870, the vulnerability allows unrestricted upload of files with dangerous types. An unauthenticated user can exploit directory traversal to execute arbitrary code, which poses a significant risk to the victim organization.

This vulnerability can lead to severe consequences if exploited. An attacker can use the vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, install malicious software, and cause a denial of service for critical services. Moreover, the attacker can compromise the cloud environment and use it for other malicious activities, such as cryptocurrency mining or launching further attacks on the organization.

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