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AVTECH Video Surveillance Products Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in AVTECH Video Surveillance Products.


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AVTECH Video Surveillance Products Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Scanner Detail

AVTECH Video Surveillance Products are widely used in commercial and residential settings for security and monitoring purposes. These products include cameras, DVRs, and NVRs designed to offer users real-time surveillance capabilities. They are essential for property owners, security personnel, and organizations looking to enhance their security measures. AVTECH's solutions are recognized for their ease of use, flexibility, and integration capabilities, making them suitable for various security needs. Ensuring the security of these devices is paramount, as they handle sensitive visual data and can be critical in safety and security protocols.

The authentication bypass vulnerability in AVTECH Video Surveillance Products allows unauthorized access to the device's configuration settings without the need for a password. This flaw exposes sensitive information, including account passwords, and compromises the integrity and confidentiality of the surveillance system. Exploiting this vulnerability could enable attackers to gain control over the surveillance system, modify its configuration, or disable it entirely. This poses a significant risk to the physical security measures of an affected entity.

This vulnerability specifically affects the web interface of AVTECH Video Surveillance Products through the /cgi-bin/user/Config.cgi endpoint. By crafting a specific GET request, attackers can bypass authentication mechanisms to retrieve configuration details, including the local password for accounts. This is possible due to inadequate security checks on the mentioned CGI script. The vulnerability is exposed through two different paths, highlighting the lack of proper input validation and access control mechanisms in the device's firmware.

If exploited, the authentication bypass vulnerability can lead to several severe consequences, including unauthorized access to live surveillance footage, tampering with recorded data, changing device configurations, and complete control over the surveillance system. This not only jeopardizes the privacy and security of the monitored premises but also undermines the reliability of the surveillance infrastructure, potentially facilitating further attacks or physical breaches.

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