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AVTECH DVR Login Verification Code Bypass Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Verification Code Bypass' vulnerability in AVTECH DVR.


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AVTECH DVR Login Verification Code Bypass Vulnerability Scanner Detail

AVTECH DVR products are used in various security applications, including surveillance for commercial, residential, and industrial settings. These devices allow users to manage and record video from connected cameras, offering features like live viewing, playback, and motion detection alerts. They are essential for maintaining security and monitoring activities in real-time. The devices are popular among users looking for cost-effective and reliable surveillance solutions. This scanner focuses on ensuring the security of these devices by identifying vulnerabilities that could compromise system integrity.

This vulnerability scanner detects a low-severity security flaw in AVTECH DVR products that allows for verification code bypass. By simply adding the login=quick parameter in the login request, malicious actors can bypass the verification code process. This vulnerability compromises the login mechanism, making it easier for unauthorized access to the device's administrative controls. It highlights a significant flaw in the authentication process of AVTECH DVRs.

The vulnerability exists in the login process of AVTECH DVRs. Specifically, the VerifyCode.cgi script is susceptible to manipulation through the addition of a login=quick parameter. This allows attackers to submit a login request without needing to provide a correct verification code, effectively bypassing an important security check. The exploit requires sending a crafted GET request to the vulnerable endpoint, including base64-encoded credentials. This vulnerability undermines the security of the device by simplifying unauthorized access.

Exploiting this vulnerability could allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to the DVR's administrative interface without the need to bypass verification codes. This could lead to unauthorized viewing or tampering with video feeds, altering configurations, or accessing sensitive information stored on the device. It represents a security risk that could compromise the privacy and integrity of the surveillance system and the area it monitors.

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