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AVTECH Video Surveillance Product Unauthenticated File Download Vulnerability Scanner

Detects 'Unauthenticated File Download' vulnerability in AVTECH Video Surveillance Products.


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AVTECH Video Surveillance Product Unauthenticated File Download Vulnerability Scanner Detail

AVTECH Video Surveillance Products are used globally by individuals, businesses, and security agencies for monitoring, recording, and managing video surveillance. These systems are designed to provide security and surveillance capabilities to various sectors including retail, banking, education, and residential properties. They allow for real-time monitoring, video recording, and playback features. With internet connectivity, these systems enable remote viewing and management, making them convenient and powerful tools for enhancing security measures. The vulnerability scanner aims to protect these systems by detecting and reporting potential security threats.

This scanner identifies an Unauthenticated File Download vulnerability in AVTECH Video Surveillance Products. The vulnerability allows unauthorized file downloads from the device's web root through the /cgi-bin/cgibox endpoint by exploiting a specific parameter manipulation. It relies on adding a .cab extension at the end of the file name to bypass the security check. This security flaw exposes sensitive information, potentially compromising the integrity and confidentiality of the surveillance system.

The vulnerability is found in the /cgi-bin/cgibox endpoint of AVTECH Video Surveillance Products. By appending ?.cab to the end of a requested file name, attackers can bypass the intended file type restrictions and download files without authentication. This exploit takes advantage of the improper validation of file requests, allowing access to sensitive files such as configurations, logs, or even executable binaries. The flaw lies in the inadequate security measure that uses the strstr method for verifying file extensions, which can be easily circumvented.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data, compromising the security of the surveillance system. Attackers could obtain confidential information, such as network configurations, credentials, or video archives, potentially leading to further network intrusion, data theft, or unauthorized control over the surveillance system. This could have severe privacy and security implications for individuals and organizations relying on these products for their security needs.

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