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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in Babel affects v. Unknown.


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Babel is a multilingual website platform used for creating and managing global websites that support different languages. Its purpose is to streamline the process of translating a website's content and tailoring it to a specific audience by offering translation management tools and multilingual CMS widgets. With Babel, companies can enter the global market and engage with customers in their native language, providing a seamless user experience across different cultures.

CVE-2019-1010290 is a vulnerability detected in Babel, specifically in its component redirect.php, which involves an open redirection. This means that an attacker can manipulate a redirection URL by adding a "newurl" parameter, which allows them to redirect users to any URL of their choosing. This vulnerability can be exploited by attackers who trick victims into opening a link created by them, which can result in redirecting users to a phishing site, distributing malware, or stealing sensitive information.

Exploitation of CVE-2019-1010290 can lead to devastating consequences for both individuals and companies. Attackers can redirect users to malicious websites, which can lead to malware infections and compromise user data. In some cases, attackers can manipulate redirection URLs to create a convincing phishing attack, where users unknowingly provide sensitive data to attackers.

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