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BlogEngine CMS is a free and open-source content management system designed for blogging. It is built on the .NET platform, offering users a powerful and flexible solution for creating and managing blogs. BlogEngine CMS is favored for its user-friendly interface, customizable themes, and a wide range of features that cater to bloggers' needs. It is used by a diverse community ranging from individual bloggers to large organizations looking to maintain a dynamic blogging presence online. This CMS provides tools for content creation, management, and syndication, making it a comprehensive solution for blogging.

CVE-2023-33405 identifies an Open Redirect vulnerability in BlogEngine CMS versions up to This vulnerability allows attackers to redirect users to arbitrary external URLs through manipulated links within the application. Open Redirect vulnerabilities can be exploited in phishing attacks to mislead users into believing they are navigating to a trusted site within the application's domain, potentially leading to information disclosure or further attacks.

The vulnerability stems from improper validation of URL parameters in BlogEngine CMS. Specifically, the application fails to adequately verify the authenticity and safety of the URLs passed through certain parameters, such as years in default.aspx, allowing attackers to craft URLs that redirect users to malicious sites. This issue highlights the importance of rigorous input validation and the need for applications to enforce stricter checks on URLs to prevent unauthorized redirects.

If exploited, this Open Redirect vulnerability could lead to phishing attacks, theft of sensitive information, and loss of trust in the affected website. Users could be redirected to phishing or malware-laden sites without their knowledge, compromising their personal information or system security. The potential for reputational damage to the site owner and loss of user confidence is significant, underlining the necessity of addressing this vulnerability.

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