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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in bloofoxCMS v0.5.2.1, posing a critical risk to data integrity and security.


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bloofoxCMS is an open-source content management system (CMS) designed for creating and managing websites efficiently. It is developed by the bloofox project, offering a user-friendly interface, flexibility, and a variety of features for web administrators. This CMS is particularly suitable for small to medium-sized websites and is valued for its simplicity, modular design, and lightweight architecture. The software facilitates content creation, editing, and organization, providing tools for user management, media handling, and template customization.

CVE-2023-34751 exposes a critical SQL Injection vulnerability within bloofoxCMS version This security flaw allows attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands through the 'gid' parameter in the admin panel under 'user/groups/edit'. Such vulnerabilities pose a severe risk as they can lead to unauthorized database access, data theft, and in some cases, complete system compromise. This vulnerability underscores the necessity of proper input validation and sanitization in web applications.

The SQL Injection vulnerability is found in the admin/index.php file, particularly when editing user groups. The 'gid' parameter lacks sufficient input validation, enabling attackers to inject malicious SQL code. By crafting a malicious request, an attacker can manipulate database queries, leading to unauthorized access to sensitive information or modification of data. Exploitation of this vulnerability requires access to the admin panel, which highlights the importance of securing administrative interfaces.

If exploited, the vulnerability could lead to severe consequences including data breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and potential control over the CMS. Attackers could leverage this flaw to escalate privileges, manipulate content, or even deploy malicious code, impacting the integrity and availability of the affected website. The breach of trust and potential legal ramifications make this a critical concern for users of the affected versions of bloofoxCMS.

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