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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in bloofoxCMS affects v., posing a critical risk of unauthorized data access and manipulation.


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bloofoxCMS, a web-based content management system designed for simplicity and usability, allows users to create and manage website content effectively. It is particularly suited for small to medium-sized businesses or personal websites. This CMS is developed by bloofox and is known for its ease of installation, customization, and user-friendly interface. It supports various features, including content creation, media management, and template customization, providing a versatile platform for web development.

CVE-2023-34753 uncovers a critical SQL Injection vulnerability within bloofoxCMS version This security flaw is found in the template editing function, specifically through the 'tid' parameter. SQL Injection allows attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands, which can lead to unauthorized access to the database, data leakage, and potential website compromise. This vulnerability poses a severe security risk, highlighting the necessity for immediate remediation.

The SQL Injection vulnerability exists in the admin interface of bloofoxCMS when editing template settings (admin/index.php?mode=settings&page=tmpl&action=edit). The 'tid' parameter fails to properly sanitize user input, allowing attackers to inject and execute malicious SQL code. This can result in unauthorized database operations, including reading, updating, or deleting data. The flaw demonstrates the critical importance of input validation and sanitization in web applications to prevent such exploitations.

Exploiting this SQL Injection vulnerability could lead to severe consequences, including unauthorized access to sensitive data, modification or deletion of website content, and the compromise of administrator credentials. Such incidents can severely impact the website's integrity, user trust, and potentially lead to financial losses or legal implications for the owners. It underscores the critical need for stringent security measures and prompt vulnerability patching.

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