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Cache Poisoning to Stored XSS Vulnerability Scanner

This scanner identifies vulnerabilities where cache poisoning could lead to stored XSS, enabling attackers to inject malicious scripts that are executed when the cached content is served.


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Vulnerability Overview:

Vulnerability: Cache Poisoning Leading to Stored XSS
Detection Method: Cache Poisoning to Stored XSS Vulnerability Scanner
Severity: High
Impact: This vulnerability allows attackers to exploit cache poisoning to introduce stored XSS payloads into web applications. Successful exploitation can result in the execution of malicious scripts, compromising user data and manipulating web application functionalities.

Vulnerability Details:

The vulnerability arises from the application's failure to properly sanitize and validate user-supplied input that is subsequently cached and served to other users. By injecting XSS payloads into headers such as X-Forwarded-For or X-Forwarded-Host, attackers can manipulate the cache to store and serve malicious content. This content, when executed, can lead to data theft, session hijacking, and other security breaches.

The Importance of Addressing This Vulnerability:

Mitigating vulnerabilities related to cache poisoning and stored XSS is critical for protecting web applications and their users from potential security threats. Addressing these issues prevents attackers from exploiting the application cache to serve malicious content, ensuring the integrity and security of user data and application functionalities.

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SecurityForEveryone provides the Cache Poisoning to Stored XSS Vulnerability Scanner, empowering organizations to proactively detect and resolve complex vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive scanning solutions, backed by expert insights, offer actionable recommendations to bolster your cybersecurity defenses against cache poisoning and XSS vulnerabilities.

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