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CVE-2024-31851 scanner - Path Traversal vulnerability in CData Sync


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CData Sync is a data integration tool used by businesses to replicate data across various databases, cloud services, and applications. It is primarily used by database administrators, data analysts, and IT professionals to ensure data consistency and streamline data workflows. CData Sync supports numerous data sources and destinations, offering extensive connectivity options. The software is used in various industries including finance, healthcare, and retail to manage and synchronize critical data. Its embedded Jetty server facilitates web-based access and management.

The Path Traversal vulnerability in CData Sync allows unauthorized access to sensitive files on the server. An attacker can exploit this flaw to navigate the server’s directory structure and access files outside the intended directories. This can lead to information disclosure and potential modification of sensitive files. The vulnerability is present in versions prior to 23.4.8843 when using the embedded Jetty server.

The vulnerability is found in the Java version of CData Sync when using the embedded Jetty server. It allows an attacker to use specially crafted URL paths containing traversal sequences like ../ to access restricted files. The vulnerable endpoint is src/getSettings.rsb with the @json parameter being exploited. The attacker sends a GET request to this endpoint with traversal sequences, bypassing the normal access controls. This can lead to exposure of sensitive configuration settings and other critical information.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information stored on the server. An attacker could read and potentially modify configuration files, gaining insights into the system’s configuration and potentially altering system behavior. This could compromise data integrity and confidentiality, and in some cases, might enable further attacks such as privilege escalation or command execution.

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