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CVE-2021-31250 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in CHIYU Technology Inc BF-430, BF-431 and BF-450M TCP/IP Converter devices affects v. Unknown.


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CHIYU Technology Inc offers a range of products for the industrial automation sector, and amongst them are the BF-430, BF-431, and BF-450M TCP/IP Converter devices. These devices serve the purpose of converting a non-network device into a network-enabled device through communication protocols such as RS-232/422/485 and Ethernet. They are widely used in industrial automation and control systems, as well as in applications such as CCTV systems, fire alarms, and access control.

A serious vulnerability has been detected in these devices, identified as CVE-2021-31250. This vulnerability arises due to the lack of proper sanitization of user input on critical components such as man.cgi, if.cgi, dhcpc.cgi, and ppp.cgi. Through exploitation of this vulnerability, an attacker can inject and execute arbitrary code, allowing remote access to the device without any authentication. This provides attackers with full access to the device, thereby enabling them to manipulate or sabotage its operations.

The CVE-2021-31250 vulnerability poses a significant threat to the integrity and security of these devices. In addition to allowing unauthorized access by attackers, it also provides them with a launching pad for launching further attacks within the network. Moreover, an attacker can leverage this vulnerability to bypass security measures and initiate a data breach, leading to the compromise of sensitive data and information.

In conclusion, vulnerability detection and management are critical in protecting against cyber attacks. offers pro features that enable users to monitor their digital assets and stay informed about new vulnerabilities and threats, thereby ensuring that their devices remain secure and operational. By leveraging these pro features, users can proactively address vulnerabilities in their devices, staying ahead of emerging threats.



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