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CVE-2020-11530 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in Chop Slider plugin for WordPress affects v. 3.0.


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Understanding the Chop Slider Plugin Vulnerability in WordPress

Where and for what purpose is the Chop Slider plugin for WordPress used?

The Chop Slider plugin for WordPress is a versatile tool designed to enhance the visual appeal of websites by adding interactive sliders. These sliders can display images, videos, and animations, which webmasters use to create engaging presentations on their homepages or portfolio sections. The plugin's ease of use and customizable features make it a popular choice for creating eye-catching displays that aim to improve user engagement and time spent on the site.

What is the CVE-2020-11530 vulnerability?

The CVE-2020-11530 refers to a critical security flaw identified within the Chop Slider plugin for WordPress. This specific type of vulnerability is known as SQL Injection (SQLi), which allows attackers to interfere with the database queries made by the plugin. By exploiting this weakness, an attacker could potentially access, modify, or delete sensitive data stored in the website's database, including user information and content.

Consequences of the vulnerability when exploited by a cyber attacker

If the CVE-2020-11530 vulnerability is successfully exploited, the consequences can be severe for website owners. Cyber attackers may gain unauthorized access to private data, leading to privacy breaches and loss of user trust. Additionally, the integrity of the website could be compromised, as attackers could inject harmful content or redirect visitors to malicious sites. This exploitation could also negatively impact search engine rankings and expose the site to further security risks.

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