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CVE-2021-28377 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in ChronoForums affects v. 2.0.11.


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ChronoForums is a popular software that serves as a forum management system for online communities. The software is mainly used by website administrators to create and manage forums for various purposes, whether for support, discussion, or as a means of engaging with a website's user base. ChronoForums is known for its user-friendly interface, customization options, and ease of use. The software is widely used by businesses, organizations, and individuals to manage online discussions and enhance engagement with their website visitors.

CVE-2021-28377 is a serious vulnerability that was detected in ChronoForums 2.0.11. This vulnerability, also known as a Directory Traversal vulnerability, allows attackers to bypass security measures and gain unauthorized access to sensitive files stored on the server. The vulnerability arises from the software's lack of input validation, which makes it vulnerable to malicious input from attackers. Hackers can use this vulnerability to steal sensitive data, modify files, or even take control of the entire website.

When this vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to serious consequences, including data breaches, exposure of sensitive information, or complete loss of control over the website. For instance, attackers can use the vulnerability to extract sensitive data such as login credentials, financial information, and personal information of users. Data breaches can lead to legal issues, loss of goodwill, financial loss, and various other negative consequences. Therefore, it is important for website administrators to mitigate the risks associated with the vulnerability.

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