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CVE-2020-16139 Scanner

Detects 'Denial of Service (DoS)' vulnerability in Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G affects v. 1-4-4-0 through 1-4-5-7.


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CVE-2020-16139 Scanner Detail

The Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G is a product designed for audio conferencing in small to large scale meetings. It is widely utilized in business and enterprise environments to provide a highly collaborative and interactive platform for conference calls. The product is designed for easy deployment and integration into existing communication networks, with advanced features to enhance audio quality and user experience.

Recently, a vulnerability, CVE-2020-16139, was detected in the Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G 1-4-4-0 through 1-4-5-7. This vulnerability allows attackers to send specially crafted packets, resulting in remote restart of the device. The vulnerability may not have been proven to exist, but to ensure customer safety and security, the CVE has been assigned, and users of this product are strongly advised to take appropriate measures.

When exploited, the CVE-2020-16139 vulnerability can lead to significant consequences, such as the shutdown of the conference station, the loss of audio quality, and the denial of service for users. Furthermore, this vulnerability may give rise to other security threats and potentially compromise sensitive information transmitted through the conference station system.

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