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CVE-2021-1498 Scanner

Detects 'Command Injection' vulnerability in Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform affects v. Unknown.


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In today's fast-paced digital world, where all businesses are striving for growth and success, data management has become increasingly crucial. Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform is a cutting-edge software designed to handle the challenges of data management. The software is primarily used for data center orchestration, delivering true hyperconvergence to data center infrastructure. It enhances agility, efficiency, and scalability by combining computing, storage, and networking resources, all while reducing operating expenses.

CVE-2021-1498 is one of the multiple vulnerabilities found in Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform software. The vulnerability specifically pertains to the web-based management interface of the software. An unauthenticated remote attacker could use this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on an affected device leading to command injection attacks. Successful exploitation can lead to the attacker gaining complete control of the software, enabling them to manipulate the data stored in it and potentially access sensitive information.

In conclusion, as digital assets continue to grow and expand, the importance of effective data management solutions cannot be overemphasized. However, the security risks associated with these technologies are a real concern. With the latest vulnerability reports, it is essential to have access to reliable and accurate information to protect digital assets proactively., with its advanced features, enables easy and quick access to vulnerability information, allowing organizations to stay ahead of the curve in cybersecurity.



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