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CVE-2021-1472 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in Cisco Small Business RV Series Router affects v. Unknown.


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CVE-2021-1472 Scanner Detail

Cisco Small Business RV Series Router is a popular networking device widely used in small businesses and home offices to provide secure and reliable internet connectivity. This router is designed to offer advanced features such as firewall protection, VPNs, and intrusion prevention system to ensure the security of the network. With its easy-to-use interface, the device provides quick and effortless configuration of the network settings.

Unfortunately, this highly useful product has been compromised by a serious vulnerability identified as CVE-2021-1472. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to bypass authentication and execute arbitrary commands on the device's web-based management interface. This critical flaw can also enable attackers to upload malicious files and take over the device, jeopardizing the entire network's safety.

The exploitation of CVE-2021-1472 vulnerability can lead to severe consequences, including the theft of sensitive data, unauthorized system access, and complete network takeover. The attackers can use the compromised device as a base to launch further attacks on other devices in the network, resulting in a total disruption of the organization's business operations. is a leading platform equipped with advanced features to help users stay informed about the latest vulnerabilities in their digital assets with minimal effort. By subscribing to this platform, users can stay updated on the latest security threats and implement the necessary measures to avoid potential attacks. With its intelligent features, users can receive regular alerts and actions to take, ensuring their digital assets' utmost security and peace of mind.



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