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CVE-2020-8209 Scanner

Detects 'Improper Access Control' vulnerability in Citrix XenMobile Server affects v. 10.12 before RP2, 10.11 before RP4, 10.10 before RP6, before 10.9 RP5.


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CVE-2020-8209 Scanner Detail

Citrix XenMobile Server is a mobile device management (MDM) solution used by organizations to manage and secure mobile devices, applications, and data. With Citrix XenMobile Server, administrators can remotely configure mobile devices, enforce security policies, and manage applications. This product is commonly used in enterprises to manage and secure the large number of mobile devices that are used by employees.

The CVE-2020-8209 vulnerability is a critical security flaw detected in Citrix XenMobile Server versions 10.12 before RP2, 10.11 before RP4, 10.10 before RP6, and versions before 10.9 RP5. This vulnerability allows attackers to gain access to sensitive information stored on affected systems. Specifically, the vulnerability is caused by improper access control, which enables attackers to read arbitrary files on the compromised system.

If this vulnerability is exploited, attackers can gain unauthorized access to sensitive information such as login credentials, financial data, and personal data. They can also use this vulnerability to launch further attacks, such as installing malware or ransomware on affected systems. The potential consequences of this vulnerability are severe and can lead to significant financial losses as well as reputational damage for affected organizations.

In conclusion, the CVE-2020-8209 vulnerability detected in Citrix XenMobile Server is a severe security flaw that can lead to the unauthorized access of sensitive information. To protect against this vulnerability, administrators must take various precautions, including implementing proper access controls, applying patches, and strengthening authentication mechanisms. With the pro features of the platform, individuals and organizations can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets and take the necessary steps to protect themselves from cyberattacks.



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