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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in CMS Tree Page View affects v. < 1.6.7


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The CMS Tree Page View plugin for WordPress is designed to enhance the page management capabilities of WordPress sites. It allows users, especially administrators and content managers, to easily organize and sort pages and posts within a navigable tree structure. This plugin is particularly useful for websites with a large number of pages, providing a clear overview and improving site management efficiency. By simplifying the page viewing and sorting process, it aids in the content management workflow, making it an essential tool for website administrators looking for better content organization.

CVE-2023-30868 addresses a Reflected Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the CMS Tree Page View plugin for WordPress versions up to 1.6.7. This vulnerability stems from improper sanitization of the post_type parameter, allowing attackers to inject malicious JavaScript code. When this code is accessed by users with administrative privileges, it executes within their browser. This security flaw exposes the site to potential malicious activities, including the theft of session cookies and personal data.

The vulnerability specifically lies in the handling of the post_type parameter by the plugin. It fails to properly escape user input, making it susceptible to an XSS attack when a specially crafted URL is accessed by an authenticated user with sufficient privileges. The injected script is executed in the context of the user's session, allowing an attacker to perform actions on behalf of the user or to steal information. This issue demonstrates the importance of validating and sanitizing all user inputs, especially in a widely used content management system like WordPress.

Exploitation of this XSS vulnerability can lead to several security issues, including unauthorized access to user sessions, redirection of users to malicious websites, and potential data theft. Attackers could leverage this vulnerability to gain control over an administrator's account, further compromising the website's integrity and privacy. The impact extends beyond individual users, potentially affecting all visitors to the site through the distribution of malware or phishing attempts.

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