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Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in CMSimple affects v. 3.1.


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CMSimple is a content management system that is used for creating and managing small websites. It is a lightweight, user-friendly platform that is particularly popular among small business owners and individuals who want a simple yet effective web presence. With its intuitive interface and range of customizable templates, CMSimple has become a go-to choice for those who want to create websites without having to deal with complicated coding.

However, in 2008, a serious vulnerability was detected in CMSimple version 3.1. CVE-2008-2650 was a directory traversal vulnerability that allowed remote attackers to execute arbitrary local files on a website. This vulnerability was particularly dangerous because it could be exploited even if register_globals was enabled in the system. Attackers could achieve remote file execution by including adm.php and then invoking the upload action.

The exploitation of this vulnerability could have potentially devastating consequences for a website and its users. Hackers could gain access to sensitive information, install malicious software, or even take control of the entire website. This could lead to a loss of trust for the website owner, damage to their reputation, and a loss of business.

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