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Detects 'Arbitrary File Upload' vulnerability in Codoforum affects v. 5.1


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Codoforum is a web-based forum software that provides a platform for online discussions and community engagement. It is designed for easy integration into websites, offering a modern interface and various features to facilitate conversation and collaboration among users. Codoforum is utilized by businesses, educational institutions, and online communities to create forums that support user interactions, question-and-answer sessions, and knowledge sharing. The software emphasizes user experience and admin control, allowing for extensive customization and management of content.

The Arbitrary File Upload vulnerability in Codoforum version 5.1 allows attackers to upload malicious files to the server via the logo change option in the admin panel. This flaw can enable attackers to execute arbitrary code on the server by uploading files with executable extensions disguised as logos. Such vulnerabilities are critical because they can lead to unauthorized access, sensitive information disclosure, and potentially full system compromise.

The vulnerability is specifically found in the admin panel where the logo change functionality does not properly verify the file types being uploaded. An attacker with access to the admin panel can exploit this by uploading a PHP script or another executable file as the 'forum_logo', bypassing any file validation mechanisms. The uploaded file can then be accessed and executed via a direct URL, leading to remote code execution on the server. This highlights a significant oversight in the validation and handling of uploaded files.

Exploiting this vulnerability can result in remote code execution, allowing attackers to gain control over the web server. Potential impacts include unauthorized access to the database, disclosure of sensitive information, defacement of the website, installation of malware, and propagation of attacks to users and other connected systems. The severity of this vulnerability underscores the need for stringent file upload validation and security measures.

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