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CVE-2022-28079 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in College Management System affects v. 1.0.


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The College Management System is a software designed for educational institutions to manage their daily operations efficiently. Developed with the aim of improving student experience and faculty productivity, the software is used to streamline academic processes such as admission procedures, course registration, scheduling, attendance management, grading, and transcript record keeping. It also helps with financial management, alumni relations, and student communication through a centralized platform. The College Management System provides a comprehensive solution that facilitates the smooth functioning of educational institutions.

Recently, a vulnerability was detected in the College Management System with the CVE code 2022-28079. This vulnerability was discovered to be related to the course_code parameter, which could be exploited through a SQL injection attack. A SQL injection attack is a type of cyber-attack that enables malicious parties to access and manipulate sensitive data in a database. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers could easily bypass the application's security measures and gain access to sensitive student and staff data.

If this vulnerability is successfully exploited, it could lead to a range of disastrous outcomes. These include the leakage of sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, bank account details, and medical records. Attackers may exploit this information for malicious purposes, including identity theft, blackmail, and financial fraud. There is also a potential risk of ransomware attacks that can encrypt and render college databases unusable. The College Management System vulnerability, if left unprotected, can cause grave consequences for institutions, their staff, and students.

In conclusion, it is imperative for educational institutions to secure their digital assets by taking appropriate measures to protect themselves from cyberattacks. Thanks to the pro features of the platform, organizations can quickly and easily learn about any vulnerabilities that exist in their digital infrastructure. provides comprehensive security scans and identifies vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cyber criminals. With, institutions can have peace of mind, knowing that their digital assets are always protected.



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