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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in Companion Sitemap Generator affects v. Before 4.5.3


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Companion Sitemap Generator is a WordPress plugin developed by Codeermeneer that enables website owners to create sitemaps easily for their WordPress sites. This tool is particularly useful for improving SEO by ensuring search engines can crawl and index website content more effectively. It is designed for website administrators and SEO professionals looking to enhance their site's visibility and navigation. By generating comprehensive sitemaps, the plugin aids in the organization of website structure, facilitating better user and search engine access to all site content. However, it's vital to keep the plugin updated to prevent vulnerabilities that could compromise website security.

The Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in Companion Sitemap Generator versions prior to 4.5.3 arises from the plugin's failure to properly sanitise and escape certain parameters before including them in output pages. This security flaw allows for the execution of arbitrary JavaScript code in the context of the user's browser session. Primarily, this vulnerability could be exploited against high privilege users, such as administrators, potentially leading to unauthorized access or manipulation of sensitive information.

Specifically, the vulnerability is triggered when unsanitised user input is reflected back in the plugin's pages, such as in the URL parameters. An attacker can craft a malicious URL containing JavaScript code which, when visited by a high privilege user, executes within their browser. This reflected XSS attack targets dynamic pages within the WordPress admin area that utilize user-supplied input without adequate sanitization or encoding. The vulnerable endpoints are related to the plugin's settings and sitemap generation features, where malicious scripts can be injected through manipulated query strings or form submissions.

The exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to various adverse effects, including the theft of session tokens or cookies, impersonation of privileged users, redirection to malicious sites, and the potential compromise of sensitive information. Such attacks undermine the security and integrity of the affected WordPress site, eroding user trust and possibly resulting in administrative control falling into the wrong hands.

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