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ConnectWise Control Remote Support Software Panel Detection Scanner

This scanner is specifically designed to detect the ConnectWise Control Remote Support Software Panel, enabling organizations to verify the presence and accessibility of their ConnectWise Control remote support interfaces.


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ConnectWise Control Remote Support Software Panel Detection Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

ConnectWise Control is a comprehensive remote support software solution. Detecting the panel is crucial for ensuring that the software is configured for secure access and not exposed to unauthorized users.

Vulnerability Details

This detection focuses on identifying the login page of the ConnectWise Control panel by looking for specific indicators in the HTTP response, such as server headers and page content that mentions "ConnectWise Control Remote Support."

Possible Effects

An undetected, publicly accessible ConnectWise Control panel could potentially lead to unauthorized access if not properly secured, underscoring the importance of regular scanning and security practices.

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  • Official ConnectWise Control Documentation
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