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CVE-2021-25079 Scanner

Detects 'XSS' vulnerability in Contact Form Entries affects v. < 1.2.4.


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Contact Form Entries is a WordPress plugin designed to capture and manage submissions from contact forms on WordPress websites. It's used by website owners and administrators to easily store, view, and manage data submitted by visitors through contact forms. This plugin supports various contact form plugins, making it versatile for different types of WordPress sites. It's especially useful for businesses and bloggers who need to organize communication from their audience efficiently. The primary purpose is to enhance user engagement and streamline the management of form submissions.

The vulnerability specifically affects the administrative interface of the Contact Form Entries plugin. Malicious scripts can be injected through the manipulation of parameters like form_id and end_date in the URL. When an administrator accesses the entries page to view form submissions, the malicious code is executed within their browser. This flaw highlights the importance of input validation and output encoding in web applications to prevent XSS attacks. Attackers exploit this vulnerability by crafting malicious URLs that execute arbitrary JavaScript in the context of the logged-in user's session.

If exploited, this XSS vulnerability could lead to several adverse effects, including the theft of cookies and session tokens, which could allow attackers to hijack the administrator's session. It could also enable the attacker to redirect the administrator to malicious websites, manipulate the content of the web page to display false information, or even gain control over the affected website. The impact of such attacks can extend beyond the compromised website, affecting users' trust and the site's reputation.

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