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CVE-2021-24915 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in Contest Gallery plugin for WordPress affects v. before


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CVE-2021-24915 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

CVE-2021-24915 allows attackers to perform SQL injections to access or manipulate the database. This can lead to unauthorized disclosure of all registered users' usernames and email addresses on the affected WordPress site.

Vulnerability Details

The flaw is present in the functionality that handles user exports from galleries. By manipulating the 'cg-search-user-name-original' parameter, attackers can inject arbitrary SQL commands, which are executed by the plugin without proper sanitization or capability checks, leading to potential data breaches.

Possible Effects

Exploiting this vulnerability could lead to:

  • Unauthorized access to sensitive user information.
  • Database manipulation or corruption.
  • Compromise of the entire WordPress site.

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