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CVE-2021-41749 Scanner

Detects 'Server-Side Template Injection' vulnerability in CraftCMS SEOmatic affects versions up to 3.4.11.


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CraftCMS SEOmatic is a comprehensive SEO and content marketing plugin designed for Craft CMS. It automates SEO optimization for websites, offering features such as automated metadata, sitemaps, and social media tags. Developed by nystudio107, SEOmatic is widely utilized by web developers and marketers to improve search engine visibility and enhance online presence. The plugin is specifically tailored for Craft CMS, a flexible and user-friendly content management system popular among web professionals for creating custom digital experiences.

The vulnerability arises from improper handling of user-supplied input within the plugin's template rendering engine. By injecting malicious template syntax into specific HTTP request headers or other input vectors, attackers can manipulate the server-side template engine to execute arbitrary code. For example, exploiting the 'X-Forwarded-Host' header to inject template syntax could result in the execution of unauthorized commands or code snippets. This exploitation technique leverages the dynamic nature of template engines, bypassing traditional input validation mechanisms to achieve remote code execution.

The exploitation of this SSTI vulnerability could have devastating effects on affected websites and their users. Attackers could gain unauthorized access to the server, steal sensitive information such as user credentials and personal data, and deploy malware or ransomware. Additionally, the integrity of the website could be compromised, with attackers altering or defacing web content. The breach could also extend to other systems within the network, leading to a broader security compromise.

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