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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Cryptocurrency Widgets Pack affects v. < 2.0


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The Cryptocurrency Widgets Pack is a WordPress plugin developed by Blocksera that provides website owners with a suite of tools to display cryptocurrency-related information, such as prices, charts, and calculators. It is widely used by financial bloggers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and financial services websites to offer up-to-date crypto data to their visitors. The plugin supports multiple cryptocurrencies and integrates seamlessly with WordPress sites, enhancing user engagement by providing valuable market insights directly on web pages.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in versions of the Cryptocurrency Widgets Pack prior to 2.0 stems from the plugin's failure to properly sanitize and escape user inputs before incorporating them into SQL queries. This security flaw allows unauthenticated users to execute arbitrary SQL commands through the plugin’s AJAX actions, leading to potential unauthorized access to the website's database, data theft, and manipulation.

Specifically, the vulnerability is triggered through an AJAX action that does not adequately validate input parameters before using them in SQL statements. Attackers can exploit this by sending specially crafted requests to the 'admin-ajax.php' file, manipulating SQL queries to extract sensitive information from the database, alter database content, or perform other malicious actions without proper authentication.

Exploiting this vulnerability could have severe consequences, including the compromise of sensitive data such as user credentials and personal information stored in the WordPress database. It could also lead to unauthorized modifications to the website, further attacks on website users, and potentially full control over the affected website, posing significant risks to website integrity and user privacy.

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