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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Cuppa CMS affects v. 1.0


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Cuppa CMS is a content management system designed for creating and managing digital content on websites. It provides users with tools for website development, including features for content creation, management, and customization. Aimed at both developers and non-technical users, Cuppa CMS facilitates the building and maintenance of web applications and websites with ease. It's especially suited for small to medium-sized businesses and personal blogs seeking a user-friendly web content management solution. The platform's flexibility and extensibility make it a popular choice among users looking for a customizable CMS.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in Cuppa CMS version 1.0 is present in the /administrator/components/table_manager/ endpoint via the search_word parameter. This critical flaw allows attackers to inject malicious SQL queries into the application's database through the web interface. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, manipulate database content, or compromise the entire CMS system.

Specifically, the vulnerability is exploited by sending specially crafted HTTP POST requests to the vulnerable endpoint. These requests include malicious SQL statements in the search_word parameter, which are executed by the application's backend database without proper sanitization. This can lead to unauthorized data retrieval, database manipulation, and in severe cases, the execution of arbitrary code on the server hosting Cuppa CMS.

The exploitation of this SQL Injection vulnerability can have severe consequences, including data breaches involving the exposure of sensitive user information, unauthorized modification of website content, and complete compromise of the CMS system. It poses a significant security risk to organizations using Cuppa CMS v1.0, potentially leading to reputational damage and legal ramifications.

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