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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Cuppa CMS affects v. 1.0


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Cuppa CMS is a comprehensive content management system designed to facilitate the creation, management, and optimization of digital content for websites. This platform is widely utilized by web developers and content creators for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization capabilities. It serves a broad audience, from small businesses to individual bloggers, enabling them to manage their web presence effectively. Cuppa CMS allows for easy content updates, site management, and offers a variety of plugins and themes to enhance website functionality and appearance.

The SQL Injection vulnerability discovered in Cuppa CMS version 1.0, specifically within the /administrator/components/menu/ endpoint, represents a significant security risk. This flaw allows attackers to inject malicious SQL code through the path=component/menu/&menu_filter=3 parameter, potentially enabling unauthorized database access. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to perform various malicious activities, such as data exfiltration, database manipulation, or compromising the entire CMS.

The vulnerability is triggered by manipulating the menu_filter parameter in the menu component, which lacks proper input validation and sanitization. By sending specially crafted requests to this component, an attacker can execute arbitrary SQL commands against the CMS's database. This issue highlights the importance of securely handling user input and implementing robust security measures to protect against SQL Injection attacks.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in the CMS's database, including user credentials and personal data. Additionally, attackers could manipulate or delete content, compromise the integrity of the website, and potentially gain administrative access to the CMS. The impact of this vulnerability underscores the need for immediate remediation to protect affected systems.

SecurityForEveryone provides a platform that empowers users to identify and remediate vulnerabilities such as the SQL Injection in Cuppa CMS v1.0. By leveraging our advanced scanning technology, users can detect security weaknesses in their digital assets and receive detailed guidance for addressing these issues. Joining SecurityForEveryone ensures ongoing protection against a wide range of cyber threats, helping to maintain a secure and resilient online presence.



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