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CVE-2022-27985 Scanner

Detects 'SQL injection' vulnerability in Cuppa CMS v1.0, enabling unauthorized access and data leakage.


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CVE-2022-27985 Scanner Detail

Cuppa CMS v1.0 is a user-friendly content management system designed to facilitate web content creation and management. It serves as a comprehensive tool for developers and website administrators to construct and maintain dynamic websites efficiently. With its intuitive interface and flexible features, Cuppa CMS enables users to customize their sites to meet various business requirements. However, being a web-based platform makes it a potential target for various security threats, including SQL injection vulnerabilities that can compromise data integrity and security.

CVE-2022-27985 identifies a critical SQL injection vulnerability within Cuppa CMS v1.0, specifically through the /administrator/alerts/alertLightbox.php endpoint. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands through the application's input fields. Such a flaw can lead to unauthorized database access, enabling attackers to manipulate or exfiltrate sensitive data, compromise the integrity of the CMS, and potentially gain unauthorized system access.

The vulnerability is triggered when malicious SQL code is injected into the 'url' parameter of the alertLightbox.php file. This injection bypasses the application's security mechanisms, allowing for manipulation of the underlying database. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to perform operations such as data theft, database modification, or even full system compromise. The exploitation does not require authentication, making it a severe threat to the security of any website powered by Cuppa CMS v1.0.

The exploitation of this SQL injection vulnerability can have devastating effects, including unauthorized access to sensitive data, deletion or modification of critical database information, and disruption of website functionality. In severe cases, attackers can leverage the vulnerability to gain administrative access to the CMS, leading to a complete system takeover. This not only compromises the security of the affected website but also poses significant risks to user privacy and data protection.

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