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CVE-2021-21816 Scanner

Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in D-LINK DIR-3040 affects v. 1.13B03.


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CVE-2021-21816 Scanner Detail

The D-LINK DIR-3040 is a popular networking device used for home or small office environments. It is designed to provide a fast and reliable internet connection to multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, it comes equipped with advanced features such as QoS settings, parental controls, and a built-in Firewall to help secure the network from potential cyber threats. 

However, despite this device's excellent features, it has recently been discovered that it is prone to a significant vulnerability known as CVE-2021-21816. This vulnerability deals with the Syslog functionality of the device, which is a logging mechanism used to collect and store system messages. The vulnerability is present in the device's 1.13B03 firmware version and can lead to sensitive information being disclosed through network requests.

Exploiting the vulnerability can lead to a variety of issues, including the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, such as system logs and network configurations. Attackers can leverage this information to gain access to the device or network, ultimately leading to the hijacking of sensitive data or unauthorized access to devices on the network.

In conclusion, security is paramount for any digital assets, and protecting them from vulnerabilities is essential. provides comprehensive security information for individuals and businesses alike, offering an easy-to-use and quick solution to identify vulnerabilities in digital assets and taking action to mitigate them. By staying vigilant and implementing the necessary precautions, D-LINK users can ensure that their digital assets are secure from potential cyber threats.



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