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CVE-2015-7245 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in D-Link DVG-N5402SP affects v. W1000CN-00, W1000CN-03, or W2000EN-00.


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CVE-2015-7245 Scanner Detail

The D-Link DVG-N5402SP is a wireless router and VPN gateway that is commonly used by individuals and businesses to provide secure network connections. It is designed to offer high-speed internet connectivity and advanced security features to safeguard important data and transactions. The device is equipped with multiple Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a host of other features that have made it a popular choice among users.

A vulnerability, known as CVE-2015-7245, has been detected in the D-Link DVG-N5402SP with firmware W1000CN-00, W1000CN-03, or W2000EN-00. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to exploit a directory traversal weakness by using the ".." or "dot dot" to read sensitive information via the errorpage parameter. This vulnerability can be exploited remotely without the attacker requiring any authentication or permission to access the device.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to significant harm to the user and their network. The sensitive information that can be accessed by an attacker may include usernames, passwords, and other confidential data. This can result in identity theft, fraud, and other financial losses. Furthermore, this vulnerability can also expose the network to other cyber threats and attacks, such as malware and ransomware.

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